My journey to creating jewelry began when I owned a women's boutique in Southern California, for 11 years. As the next chapter approached, I decided to close my store and focus on becoming a first-time Mother. While adjusting to motherhood, I realized how much I missed having a creative outlet. After about a year, I began making beaded jewelry for my friends and family. From that, in the Summer of 2019, LoveJames Jewelry was born.

Over the past few years, my love of creating jewelry has expanded from playful and colorful beaded pieces, to fine jewelry, using precious gemstones and gold. As my brand evolves, I am more focused on creating fine jewelry collections, which include unique and timeless pieces that hold meaning and can be a lifetime keepsake.

Since the beginning, LoveJames Jewelry has led me to find a renewed confidence and joy in my life. I'm learning that doors open when I live life from my heart and take risks. I believe in the importance of women exploring their own creativity throughout life, and I hope my jewelry inspires people to do the same. Through this journey, my biggest lesson has been to slow down and appreciate the little moments in life, especially those with my son, James.